The rapid spread of the Coronavirus around the world has affected millions and we want to help the children of the world to take back some control over their own personal health and safety with a social media campaign to make it more fun to wash their hands.

Speaking with our partner organisations, we can fully appreciate that many children have developed anxieties around the virus. As some schools return and others seek to reopen, fears are being exacerbated and it will only take a few Covid-positive cases in schools to send a class or a whole-year bubble home. We are much more vulnerable to a return to homeschooling than we might think. We have created the Wash Wash Challenge to encourage children to get washing and to bring their friends along with them!

In the early stages, we developed a free health and wellbeing resource, the Keep Healthy Activity Book, which was shared by our partner organisations and schools all over the world. The Keep Healthy Book was used to explain the virus to children and has since also been used to support school re-openings.

We believe that we can always do more to make a difference and, as we move into the next stage of the pandemic, we’ve developed something to help children control the virus and play their part in helping to reopen schools and keeping them open throughout the Autumn and Winter.

We have a plan, but we need your help!


We want to:

Increase levels of hygiene across society

Governments all over the world have stressed the importance of washing our hands. The Coronavirus is broken down simply by using soap and water. We want to help children around the world to become Wash Wash Champions by washing their hands regularly, for the right amount of time and in the correct way.

Ensure that schools reopen, and stay open

The importance of education is a core belief of the MindYourFootprint and we have always worked to develop engaging and experiential programmes  that create a fun and easy learning environment.

We want schools to stay open. If we can educate millions of children – and parents – about right way to wash their hands and ensure high levels of hygiene, we can ensure that children’s education will not be interrupted again.

For some children, schools are sanctuaries, a place of safety, somewhere to get their only nutritious meal of the day and where they can be a child, rather than a carer or a parent to a younger sibling.


Support frontline key workers

As part of this campaign, we will be crowdfunding for frontline key workers. We guarantee that 100% of funds raised will go directly to the nominated causes. These include the provision of Personal Protective Equipment as well as funding to support frontline staff, including but not limited to counselling to help many recover from PTSD through the stress, fatigue and witnessing the effects of the worst pandemic in a century. Please visit our crowdfunding page if you want to support the NHS Trust


How are we going to achieve these aims?

The #WashWashChallenge

The Wash Wash Challenge is a social media campaign where we use the power of singing, fun and music to encourage children to wash their hands properly and for the right length of time, as advised by the NHS and World Health Organisation – and then to nominate their friends to join in.

Set to The Wash Wash Song, written by MindYourFootprint founders Pendar and Assal Vatanian, and composed by Ben Harlan, Director of Music at Bedales Prep School, children can follow Footkin’s actions.

The lyrics are simple and informative, and easy to sing along to. Our aim is to encourage, help and support all children to learn to wash their hands properly and be willing to spend enough time to clean their hands – we know that this seemingly simple and insignificant looking act can easily save lives. We also want them to empower others to do the same through our campaign. Why not get your class or your children to become part of this ground-breaking global hygiene campaign that could benefit millions all over the world?

One Wash Wash Champion can create 3 more every time and spread the message that good handwashing can save lives.



The Lyrics

It was important for us that the song not only lasts the recommended time (as stated by the NHS and World Health Organisation) but that it is instructional, easy to learn and lots of fun.

Get Involved

Before you start washing your hands for the challenge, please write out, print or learn the Wash Wash Song! Listen to the Wash Wash Song here and start practising right away:


How Do I Take Part?




Make sure that you keep the lyrics near where you wash your hands, soap up and wash those germs away. Remember to wash your hands properly and for the right amount of time.

While washing, get a friend or parent to film you on their phone. Once you are finished, post the video on social media and nominate at least three friends to wash their hands. Finally finish the post off with #washwashchallenge.

If you want to use one of our Footkin GIFs or stickers to promote the challenge, please visit our GIPHY page!

If you are under 13, please ask a parent or guardian to help you out. If you would like to get involved but don’t wish to use video, simply post a picture with #WashWashChallenge, tag your post and nominate others to get involved.

Pin yourself on the map and show the world you take part in the #WashWashChallenge


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