Mind Your Footprint is a non-profit organisation founded by us, a social entrepreneur couple, Assal and Pendar. We’ve managed to run our programmes entirely self-funded for over a decade.

We began this journey in 2009 with our initial website, designed to inform readers about social and environmental issues.

We, at our thirties then, felt responsible for the future of young generations. It seemed that the heritage we were passing on was losing its sheen, almost day by day.

However, we always were and still are hopeful and grateful that through internet and social media people’s awareness has been raised and thanks to environmentalists all over the world, a new generation of Eco-warriors are becoming informed and active and these children are likely to be the innovators of the future.  

We are as lean and mean as celery! To keep our expenses minimum we’ve got no office and no full-time employee. We hire freelancers when we need to. Directors and advisors take no salary and work pro bono.

This Is What We Do

Footkin aka Foot Fella

Footkin aka Foot Fella is our ambassador. Hailing from the peaceful planet of Marchoon, he is a caring individual who loves Earth as much as he loves his own home. Using Footkin to develop children’s imagination, we have been able to speak directly to children on environmental issues and to educate them so that they can become the Eco-warriors of the future.

Footkin has been there when we have talked to kids about energy conservation, water conservation, endangered animals and waste management. With his very own website and a series of books, games and videos, Footkin gets to the heart of issues for children and really helps them to engage.

For Schools

Any school which is involved in the Eco-Schools, Green Ribbon Schools or any holistic approach or sustainability education …

For Parents

You are welcome to use our resources to help your children understand environmental issues, especially those which you …

For Organizations

Whether you are contributing to Sustainable Development Goals SDGs, or having an environmental management system …

For Hotels

We’ve got different types of cards and stickers that you can install in your bathroom to remind guests conserve water …

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Our free resources are great tools for teachers and parents to entertain, engage, educate and empower
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