We at MindYourFootprint, believe in children and their power. And we agree with the wiseman who said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” however we are very aware that education can become boring for the little ones hence we created our 6E model, Entertain, Engage, Educate, Explore, Experiment and Empower which is our way to educate children very softly while they are having fun. Imagine playing with toys, puzzles and games, learn something new, feel empowered and become an eco-warrior.

We offer advice on everything to do with living a more harmonious and sustainable life and particularly in the engagement of children on that issue.

In the past 10 years we’ve contributed to many campaigns, including Earth Hour, Earth Day, World Environment Day and Animal Day. We have proven ourselves to be at the forefront of this clean, green movement. We believe in raising awareness of issues such as Climate Crisis, access to clean water, global warming, healthy lifestyles including eating less meat (or preferably vegetarian or vegan diets) and animal endangerment. Our aim is to safeguard the Earth for the future generations.
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Footkin aka Foot Fella

Footkin aka Foot Fella is our ambassador. Hailing from the peaceful planet of Marchoon, he is a caring individual who loves Earth as much as he loves his own home. Using Footkin to develop children’s imagination, we have been able to speak directly to children on environmental issues and to educate them so that they can become the Eco-warriors of the future.

Footkin has been there when we have talked to kids about energy conservation, water conservation, endangered animals and waste management. With his very own website and a series of books, games and videos, Footkin gets to the heart of issues for children and really helps them to engage.

For Schools

Any school which is involved in the Eco-Schools, Green Ribbon Schools or any holistic approach or sustainability education initiative is more than welcome to take advantage of our free educational resources resources including videos, puzzles, games and activity books with their lesson plans on every environmental topic. We can even ask Footkin if he could visit your school to talk to your pupils directly. We’ve done it many times and it’s been very successful and popular. Here you may find a case case study of one of many workshops we’ve done in the past.

For Parents

You are welcome to use our resources to help your children understand environmental issues, especially those which you can get involved in too, like saving water, recycling and saving energy. Footkin has a range of colouring pages, dot to dots and puzzles to play giving your children (and you!) hours of fun. You can play the games on Play section of Footkin website and you can download the activity books here on resource page.

We know you are concerned for the future of your child and we’re sure you’re doing your best to make it a better future for them. You are not alone on this. We feel exactly the same… resentful for buying poor quality toys or games that end up in landfill quickly without teaching our loved ones anything positive.

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For Organisations

Whether you are contributing to Sustainable Development Goals SDGs, or having an environmental management system such as ISO14001 in place or simply are eco-conscious and care or even don’t care about the environment and want to reduce your consumption and save on your bills, we’re here to help you. We’ve got expertise and experience to help you manage and reduce your carbon footprint. We’ve got some free materials including brilliant switch off stickers that you can download for free. Give us a shout, they are too good to be ignored.

For Hotels

We’ve got different types of cards and stickers that you can install in your bathroom to remind guests conserve water or reuse their towels. Or a switch off sticker that you can install next to the light switch to remind them switch off the light and TV before they leave the room.


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